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Complete Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing, QR Codes, Mobile Friendly Websites & Mobile Apps are all a vital part of the NEW marketing mix. IT'S SIMPLE... The easiest & most direct way to reach people today is through their mobile phones and quite often a simple text message is all you need to get your point across.

It is Very Important that a business has their website mobile friendly.. There are a number of resons.. the first being, Google Search Engine results favor Mobile Ready website (Google has confirmed that) and Two: Mobile Smart phone users are searching on their phones more often than on a computer and when they do they’re closer to a buying decision.

Mobile Marketing makes it easy to communicate with your market. Staying in touch with your customers and prospects using our easy, feature rich, commercial-grade text messaging platform which can handle all your text marketing needs and allow you to scale your user base... Communicating with your market using Mobile Marketing is as simple as sending an email and using Microsoft Word.

It’s easy to "get your feet wet" with mobile marketing and start to see immediate results as your users get more involved with you through their mobile devices…

SMS Marketing

Everyone loves a good deal, particularly an exclusive one. By offering mobile coupons exclusively and regularly to your mobile subscriber list, you increase affinity for your brand. An SMS marketing coupon program can also provide loyalty information and customer data you might not find elsewhere. For example, which types of coupons were most attractive to your customers? When did the majority of your customers redeem your coupons? Where (or at which outlets) did your customers shop the most? An SMS coupon program can immediately give you greater insight into what motivates your core customers.

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Mobile Websites

Give your website the capability to be viewed on mobile / smart phone browsers. Did you know that having a Website that's not mobile ready could hurt your overall search rankings? Well, Google came out and said it will focus on serving up search results that are friendly to those searching on mobile devices (they know mobile search numbers have skyrocketed). We'll help give your users a great mobile interactive experience and the capability to directly subscribe to your special offers or opt-in to your list right from their mobile / smart phone.

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QR Codes

You’re probably familiar with QR Codes by now – those barcode looking squares that allow you to communicate additional information about whatever you wish with mobile device users. As we become increasingly more reliant on mobile our devices, we’re seeing a surge in the usage of QR Codes... Local Businesses can benefit greatly from incorporating more QR codes in to their marketing.. Big companies and even government organizations are making use out of these interactive codes... One Visionary put it this way... "QR Codes will integrate the Physical and Virtual Worlds, allowing regular everyday objects to become interactive links, giving the user vast possibilities to engage"

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Mobile Business Apps

If you are running a business, but not using mobile in your marketing, then you're probably way behind your competition by now. The competition between companies to adapt mobile technologies is as fierce as the competition between mobile companies to bring in new technology. After iPhone redefined the approach to mobile device user interaction, more and more businesses have started seeing the feasibility of using business Apps to market their products and services.

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